which should it be? right or best?

if you were torn between two choices, which would you prefer: have what’s right or have what’s best? the offers seem to be worth it, but just so you know making the decision wont be that easy.

let’s cut to the chase, im screaming my thoughts out loud now.

im a regular teenager, currently living somewhere in asia, manage to balance school and work and as much as possible be able to catch up with life’s pace.  yup you are right, it isnt easy. most people say that i make my life complicated – why get a job when my mom is able to support me and my sister. what they don’t know os the real story, my dad has been away for about 3 years now (when i say gone – like heaven gone) no one knows that and i refuse to tell them. why? i guess explaining ones lamentations is sa lot more difficult and complicated compared to elaborating the things that make you happy. eversince my dad went away, i lose track on what’s it like to live – i mean like loss interest on every single thing: messed up with school, didnt pursue with my goals, didn’t pay much attention to my mom – to the point i loss fear of death, come as it wished. but then despite the anguish i was drenched into i was still fortunate that i had someone to keep my sanity-  though how we met was quite out of the ordinary since, shall we say we werent really on the same page all the time. but nevertheless he was always there in a way he does best he was able to praise me during my best and criticize me during my worst. he was my bestfriend, and i needed him – we kept that kind of relationship for 5 long years.

after graduation, fear settled in – because i know how distance could kill strong relationships. during our first year in college we were able to make it through smoothly little coldwars  but we still manage to get through. then summer comes along, i got the chance to meet someone. he wasnt really like most people, kinda aloof, stubborn, nonchalant and sure had this attitude problem didnt really expect for us to go any further. but there was something within him – like this urge that drew me closer and closer to him., like gravity that pulled me in. we got to talk more often, he took much of my time that unconciously i was ignoring my bestfriend’s call.

listening to his stories felt as if he had so much trust in me, that he needed help but he was relaying it to me in a indirect manner. i hear his screams, i listened to his lamentions, i dived in his core the next thing i knew i had to show him what my heart was like. fortunately it did him good, slowly patching up his busted soul – but in contrary to that i was slowly loosing the other one. if only i could handle both of them – but then again that is not possible there are too many factors and it will surely cause problems. now im torn into two choices.

my bestfriend was my lifeline, he taught me well. but this guy needs me – both of them matter to me – yet  i can only choose one. would it be right or best?


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