my heart hurts :(

my heart hurts and im not really sure how to take it in..

well im not really referring to myself.. im referring to my otherside.. eversince i met him the deathless urge inside me has become alive.. i saw in his eyes the need and the love he is thirty of.. since april 27,2009 we have been connected in a way only the both of us understands. he listens to my lamentations and treats it as his own the very same i listen to his own lamentations. what we have is momentous that’s what he would always say.. i guess that’s why whatever happens il never let him go.

i feel his wounds, and i want to heal them. he warms my heart in a way he does best. he has the most genuine feelings i have ever felt, but sometimes i wish i could give him more  – there are times i tend to hold back im not really sure why.. is it because of the past? that even how much i try my best to forget – the impact is still there.. ihateit.. i feel like im being untrue. 😦

is this love that i have within? probably – in such a short time we have been together and to be honest im still hoping there would be more.. i want it to be ‘us’.. little by little im needing you, looking forward each day because i have you there.. il enjoy every moment we spend together. i want your dreams to come true. i want to see you smile even though at times you think it’ll be difficult – but please try.  even if we’re walking on thin ice il be here for you.. ❤


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