a new soul to save? or is this new soul going to save me this time?

i think i have posted too much today.. guess too many emotions filled me in today. but anyway this is my last post for the day.

i have this new friend – well ive seen him before when i first got here and to be honest my first impressions were totally surprising and i have a strong feeling he noticed me the very same way i noticed him i guess it has something to do with the sort of Gothic look i had and he had that whole skater dude appearance. well anyways we never really had a shall we say ‘real conversation’ but nevertheless it always felt good seeing him and all. so after the whole training thing i didnt get to see him that much anymore i thought he resigned or probably he was assigned in a different area – though we’re under the same account offices here are kinda subdivided like area1 and area2 so on and forth.

till the whole twist things happen in the office. one day i was surprise our teams were simply sitting across each other. swear it wasnt easy. then sooner or later the whole transfer thing happened and i didnt get to see him again. our teams were assigned at the poles of the office like the north and south idea. one day in school i was surprise to catch a glimpse of him, at first i thought i was dreaming i was like ‘it’s impossible how could he be here’ but then i bumped into him the second time around and BANG! it hit me.. it was him and we were on the same university – honestly i can’t really explain how i felt during that time. it’s as if i felt a sort of relief? satisfaction? but then bottomline we never got into a real conversation and the idea with the ring around his finger – guess some one has his heart 😦

so summer comes along – i hate my subjects because i had to go about it the second time around. well anyways that’s done back to the real issue  – then i kinda noticed that about a week i get to see him pass by and surprisingly he says hi but he think he doesn’t seem to  know my name yet which makes the situation twice as awkward. but either way i still give out a hi. he notices the book i hold and checks it out – he seems to be interested.

what’s nice is.. i had no choice during that time, i really had to pass my programming project so i had to ask him by email since it’ll be less embarrassing so i did and fortunately he agreed but just to let you know he did agree that he would help. He’s an IT student in the university and he was able to finish the 12 problems within the shift (jaw drops) this gut is amazing totally. after the project i couldn’t just give a thank you so i decided to buy something like a token of some sort. when i gave it  to him at first he really didn’t since he said he wasn’t use of receiving gifts but as for me i really don’t like giving out thank you’s alone.

my project was over and i passed the subject thank heavens – i thought it’d be the end of our conversation and talks but just days ago he sent me an email and seems like he wanted someone to talk to. it felt really good that he imparted me a part of his life – like the arguments he has with his sister, how he wants to make his mom proud of his achievements, his dreams, fears, interests things like that.

it’s just the beginning, but so far so good. i hope it gets better.. so whos doing the saving this time? me or him?


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