the past is haunting me again

just when i thought ive forgotten about him..ive deleted the messages the assign ring-tone everything.  and have decided to focus on someone else, someone whod acknowledge the things i do, and appreciate that im around, because i know thats what i need. im aware it may sound selfish but a hero needs pampering too, i guess im not strong enough to do all the saving 24/7. it’s been like what 3 weeks? i guess since i last heard from him , then around 7.12 am i check my phone surprised that someone has sent me a message – all the while i was thinking it was my mom but i was wrong.. it was him and it made time stop for awhile i wasnt really sure on what to do.. or how to react.. will i return the message?

just when im letting go.. he does all this.. im confused.. i need help.  😦


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