a littel something like ‘forever’.

As I write these down oh! I mean type these down – joy fills this heart. Last Sunday after the fact that I was really losing my temper with the ring on his finger and for some reasons I know I wasnt suppose to feel that way but what can I do? Guess im just some teenager who well fell into the spell of love at the wrong time? Now did I get that right? Any ways what im talking about it is falling for my artist wasn’t really part of the plan I mean like all I ever wanted to do was to save him from the abyss I swear I really tried my best not to fall for the spell but I guess he’s way too strong – I kinda underestimated his capabilities in luring hearts. But never the less, Sunday night he was still bugging me about the ring and I mean non-stop till the mass ended till we stayed out a while and grab a drink till we finally got home, the nerve he is surely not giving up on this. As we were walking, yup I admit he is surely winning this I was starting to slip things right from my very tongue if I wasn’t wise enough id think he did that whole ‘ring’ issue thing on purpose to make me admit that as much as possible I want it to be ‘us’ I know it may sound selfish but theres just something about him that would always want me to keep him as long as forever.
He was right when he told me that we should just take things slow from the beginning I mean like it’s truly a working progress – the fact he has started to bring up the topic about proposal thing deal he has been working on for the past year or im not really sure when he started to work on such- but the fact it still astonishes me about the idea and when he said that he’d wear the ring forever (because he also started to bring up the topic of us having our own rings with our names engraved on it)I know he meant that. Knowing him I know for a fact he takes things seriously especially when it comes to his heart he’s been wounded really badly in the past and I guess that’s the reason he’s a lot more careful this time and in the same manner I’ll make sure I will take care of his heart.
The guardian has fallen for the heart, I told him before that I came to him in the first place since I wanted to bring out the best in him but after all the things we’ve been through the best includes us. He says the deal is like a lifetime, the idea of such scares me at times because what if we wont be strong enough to withstand the obstacles what we get carried away by strong emotions when things don’t go well and we end up making the wrong decision? I fear that day to come and I know he fears that day too and he doesn’t want that to happen. Indeed he has showed a number of ways that I was important to him that he finally found that one being he always needed – after years of going along with life he found happiness, he has found someone whod make him want to change things, someone whod make him beat his limits and push them to the very edge till they finally become his strengths, I want to be that someone.
In the same manner he has also made a number of things that caused me to develop the urge to stay – he shows how important I am in a way so unique and I thought it would only exist in the movies. When he showed me my letters and how he posted them on his wall really left me speechless and I mean for a girl it was the sweetest thing a guy could ever do. Having him around has caused me to write happy poems and reveal my heart and how it’s truly like and to be honest it felt really good. I would always want to listen to the things that make him uneasy and after listening to that id find a way and ease him up – that was always the main thing.
He’s like an accidental happily ever after – we didn’t scout and search for each other we just happened to travel on the same road, had some things in common had gaps which we felt could be patched up by the other. The idea of us doing the journey is also exciting – im looking forward to every single day having him next to me.
I want us to last – the promise we’ll keep, not even death can break it. You have my heart.


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