the otherside.

How quickly happy colors die – and they don’t know how much I wish night after night if only time can allow it wouldn’t be this way. I am dreaming of forever but what if the otherside does not possess the very same determination as I have, where are we to go?
Attitude that’s what we need to be able to get through everyday but what we only have are ‘attitude problems’ now I only hope this wont get any worst.

I have a feeling that im slowly going down to my limits as if I don’t have much to spend anymore and tolerance from the inflictions made by the outside are slowly cutting right through me. Im really frustrated about this but in the same manner I am also scared – please let me be able to endure more this doesn’t seem to be the right time for me to wear off. A part of me is saying that I should keep going probably that could’ve been my heart being so frail to emotions im sure this is the part of me that’s saying I should stay and endure a little more because it will be for his own good. Now another part of me is trying to slap reality to my very face making me see the evidences that we’re not meant to be and the more we pursue on this the more tendencies for both of us to get hurt – I guess being very objective I am assuming that part would be my mind. Both parts are battling now and it leads me to one question: which part will prevail?

Being torn between two options it would only mean that sooner or later I would have to choose – but which one? Neither of the options seem to give a better offer how would I break the tie? Go for the option that will hurt me less or go for the option that will hurt him less? Is it always about seeking happiness for myself or is it about withstanding things for the happiness of others?


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