she bleeds.

whats with the attitude problem.?. hes making it damn hard for the both of us. i have explained myself well enough. the nerve. and this is what i get for being so good? i wish hed learn to think of how i see things.. yeah i know he loves me the same way i love him but how far will that take us? if we cant even seem to understand one another with very simple damn book crushes us how much more when something more major comes along? see!? personally im willing to take the risk and i’ll really try my best to make things right. i know it’s wrong but sometimes i doubt what if im just all waiting for a dream that nothing will really happen keeping my hopes high again like i always do. so much for saving hearts, whats the difference thats what im good at saving, taking in every type of pain i know, but then again thats life.

the guardian will always end up bleeding.


One Response to “she bleeds.”

  1. this is the only place where i belong.. no where else..

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