2.50 am

The game of hearts starts now – rules? Let’s see play fair? Well basically that’s the most basic rule in any bond between two souls as long as each piece plays its part as good as he can then things will go well. After a little argument we finally made – up the words have been wrapped around our fingers and this time we pray it will work. The word eternity and forever still echoes inside my ear and I admit at times it seems to good to be true. This was something that I only thought about in the past like being able to share your life with someone – I know and I admit at times im really not that good with the whole sharing my life thing I guess it’s because of the sense of being independent that I have managed to rear ever since my dad left but never the less I am learning bit by bit.
Honestly as I type things down – thoughts rush through me some indescribable feeling sinks in: a mixture of happiness and fear. I don’t know is the feeling really suppose to be like this?


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