what we have become.

She thirsts, he bleeds,
She’d heal you but then he chooses to inflict more wounds.
The scars are getting deep.
Wake up sweet love
I have come for refuge.
Wrapped around my arms,
Let our worlds shut down for a while.

He is not to blame,
If he thinks twice –
The past has been cruel
Forgotten that he was once part of the cycle.
Crushed and broken how will he trust?
In a sea of people of coincidence and blood –
wherein what seeps through is only the taste of disgust.

She may seem so strong
They may be nonchalant but they’d gaze in awe
to the way she’d cloak up misery
Her smiles are deceiving – the mascara is on
envies the free,
These gaps are countless,
If only she could be real.

Time will go over board,
Her tears will dry up soon
His fear is slowly subsiding –
Throbbing pain eased up by the thought of ‘us’
There’s too much at stake to take it for granted
This is what we’re fighting for – words we should verbalize
A little more and it’ll be about what we need this time.


One Response to “what we have become.”

  1. this is what he is to me, i know he knows that – but he still doubts at times, guess pain has caused him to fear and to trust. i know at times it may seem to good to be true but please just trust me on this..

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