the game is not getting any easier.

the game is not getting any easier – i miss him yet there’s nothing much i can do, he is so near but it’s as if we’re separated by such a thick wall – idontknow what to think of anymore. is it my fault that i have things to deal with during the day that i can’t have much time for him anymore. where’s the heart that brings me so much love, where are the eyes that leave me with awe all the time as it meets with my gaze, the warmth that i always wanted – that assured me that i would always be safe and that someone would always be there for me, he’s not the same anymore – or is it me? i miss the moments we used to share wherein we’d spend hours and hours together as if tomorrow never existed, wherein time would always fly as we share crazy jokes and laugh out hearts out, i really miss him. but what is happening to us, i admit as the connection gets stronger what we have gets deeper and deeper everyday but in parallel with that the intensity of our core gets more intense as well, and it’s not easy.

i possess every reason he knows to hate someone, and i don’t fear the hatred he may give me one day and i don’t know why, am i that courageous or am i just simply stupid. i am someone who only disturbed him, who hounded him, who badgered him, who challenged him to beat and get pass his limits who wanted to be his equal – a girl who interfered with him trying my best to get inside his guard , a girl whose spirit is like his.


One Response to “the game is not getting any easier.”

  1. wish hed realize that, but how can we get to that stage?

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