it’s over. chapter’s done.

Ive done it. For some reasons ive removed him from my facebook list – I know its crazy but it was the only way I know to be able to forget him. By the time I get home id have to fix the things I have there, it hurts like hell. Im not sure if im able to handle it, but I have to right? Sooner or later I have to get over it. But its not easy memong I swear – my thoughts are all bombarded by everyone whos telling me what to do and what not to do. With this thing I did, it was my decision. I love you too much but its not enough to save us. That’s why I have to let go. I didn’t break my promise; the words I gave you are as true as life and are as genuine as reality. But I guess we were too weak to withstand everything, I always believed we were that strong but I guess there are some thing we just cant handle.

I still love you, but I guess I have to force myself to stop this dilemma it wont help. If ever youd get to read this – please do me a favor don’t regret or dwell on the past. It’s enough. I’ll try my best not to dwell on the past too


I’ll try to smile and laugh about things – do the same okay? Be happy. Its all I want you to be. Pursue and go back to school.


Even without me. I know you would always be a working progress. Prove them wrong.


You have what it takes.


Tears in my eyes. But il try to paint a smile on my face.


I love you. But we have to go.

Please take care.


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