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still you.

Posted in what they don't hear. on 10/10/2010 by statuewithouteyes

the sun has set
but auroras seep in
and cause the glow
to burn from this heart.
as you live
throughout this darkness
exhaled by night
id gladly share the light with you
breathe in the glow
as if youve breathe in life the first time
take this hand
and trust me when i say im believing in forever
ive been away for for a while
now im back to make it right
id give you all the light you need,
oh heavens just give me another lifetime –
to have me live again:
to hear his heart beat once more.
id endure a little longer
i await for tomorrows sun rise
and if ever id lose all these lights
before daylight breaks –
not a tear shall fall
id wear a smile and say:
all was worth it.



Posted in what they don't hear. on 06/15/2010 by statuewithouteyes

2.50 am

The game of hearts starts now – rules? Let’s see play fair? Well basically that’s the most basic rule in any bond between two souls as long as each piece plays its part as good as he can then things will go well. After a little argument we finally made – up the words have been wrapped around our fingers and this time we pray it will work. The word eternity and forever still echoes inside my ear and I admit at times it seems to good to be true. This was something that I only thought about in the past like being able to share your life with someone – I know and I admit at times im really not that good with the whole sharing my life thing I guess it’s because of the sense of being independent that I have managed to rear ever since my dad left but never the less I am learning bit by bit.
Honestly as I type things down – thoughts rush through me some indescribable feeling sinks in: a mixture of happiness and fear. I don’t know is the feeling really suppose to be like this?

she bleeds.

Posted in Uncategorized, what they don't hear. on 06/13/2010 by statuewithouteyes

whats with the attitude problem.?. hes making it damn hard for the both of us. i have explained myself well enough. the nerve. and this is what i get for being so good? i wish hed learn to think of how i see things.. yeah i know he loves me the same way i love him but how far will that take us? if we cant even seem to understand one another with very simple damn book crushes us how much more when something more major comes along? see!? personally im willing to take the risk and i’ll really try my best to make things right. i know it’s wrong but sometimes i doubt what if im just all waiting for a dream that nothing will really happen keeping my hopes high again like i always do. so much for saving hearts, whats the difference thats what im good at saving, taking in every type of pain i know, but then again thats life.

the guardian will always end up bleeding.

another day.

Posted in what they don't hear. on 06/08/2010 by statuewithouteyes

day 3 and im still thinking about it – and it’s been inside my head since he mentioned such topic. i know i am happy about the idea but is fear trying to stop me from unleashing the feeling and whats it really like? i stare at these fingers from time to time to be more specific i stare at the ring finger of my left hand and then say to myself that in a few days time three words will be wrapped around it. would it change things? what problems will it give? how far can we go and how long will we last?
i admit before i was really used of living by myself yes i had my mom and my sister of course but as much as possible i always wanted to bring in happy moments so usually my lamentations were either stuck up inside my thoughts or they ended up being written and scribbled all over my diaries and notebooks and that was it. when i found my otherside it was no longer like that i guess his darkside brought good things too wherein he’d take time to ease me up probably because he knows what its like to be in a little dark corner and because of such in some way or another i have learned to share my life with him and he did the very same way for me. we mustve the very same thing in mind even from the beginning and that was to ease each other up from the circumstances around us and that alone couldn’t be any sweeter. at times we argue – i know it would be my mistake because like what i said im a freelance i go alone maybe that’s something i should really work on but honestly im getting a hang of it and im sure he is aware.
but i am thrilled – looking forward to everyday, if we work it out then it was meant to be but then if it doesnt at least we know we tried and we’re certain that we didn’t waste the chance that was given to us by the Almighty to bring in change to someone’s life.